Datamap Group

Datamap Group was established in 1982. The company is recognized as one of Israel’s largest and most productive organization in the field of Land Survey, Photogrammetric Mapping, Engineering Construction Management services and GIS.

The group is comprised of three companies: Datamap Geographic Information Systems, Agromap Mapping and Agricultural Surveys, and Gettegno & Co. Licensed surveyors.

With a professional staff of 140 employees, Datamap Group has earned a reputation for quality and innovation through the successful completion of thousands of projects.

Photogrammetric mapping and Orthophotography.

Having years of photogrammetric experience gained through out involvement in a wide variety of projects, along with state-of-the…

Engineering and Construction management.

Datamap offers a comprehensive packages of services and solutions to backend management of mega-projects. A professional and… 

Land survey

Datamap group specializes in providing a full range of surveying to cater to their customers’ need, and satisfy their requirements…

Members’ Property Registration (Kibbutz)

Many Kibbutzim are preparing to deal with the undergoing changes in the registration of its members’ rights. Datamap group has …

Plan Registration

Our qualified team will lead you through plan registration & regulation, guarantying you receive high quality services from…

Planning and Design Management (city building plans)

The department of planning and design management in Datamap Group provides a range of professional services developed…

Road and Transportation planning

Freiberg Engineering , one of the largest and most dynamic planning companies in Israel, will lead you from the initiation stage of …

Geographic Information System

Datamap Group offers software solutions in the field of mapping, measurements, and GIS. Datamap provides a full range of services…

Datamap Group

Datamap is known for being one of the largest and most dynamic Engineering firms in the Geodesy, road planning and mapping fields. The firm includes the parent company of “Datamap Geographic Information Systems Ltd.” And its subsidiaries: “Gateneo & Co. Certified Surveyors Ltd. “ , “Frieberg Engineers(2004) Ltd.” And “Aeromap Aerial Photography”.

Datamap provides a wide range of services to various clients including government offices, municipal authorities, kibbutzim, moshavim, entreperneurs, management and planning companies, contractors, planners, and architects.

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