Dov Katz

Graduated with honors from Tel Aviv University with a degree in Geodesy and Cartography and became a certified surveyor in 1985. Dov also received a B.Sc in Computer Science from Bar-Ilan University in 1990 and a M.SC in Geodesy Sciences from the Technion in 2002.

Dov served 20 years in the mapping unit of the IDF and retired as a lieutenant colonel.

Joined Datamap in 2007 and works in the cadastre department since then. The scope of his work involves collecting cadastral material, border reconstruction, supervising field teams, documenting procedures, mentoring, writing RFT responses, and much more. Dov managed projects for the Israel Mapping Center as CBC (Coordinate Based Cadastre), documentation of archival material, etc.

His position includes referencing mapping regulation drafts, technical cadastre guidelines, mapping and measurements distributed by the Israel Mapping Center

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