Rami Copelman

Graduated from Tel Aviv University in 1990 with a B.sc in Mechanical Engineering. Joined Datamap in 2017. Thirty years of experience in designing, building, and piloting UAVs. Rami specialized in implementing and piloting with various sensors in order to process data used for mapping and agricultural purposes.

In 2012, Rami founded Air-Way , who specializes in aerial drone photography for mapping, measurement, still images and video purposes. In 2015, with the help of Datamap, Rami founded Aeromap , which developed into a UAV department within the company.

Rami decided to enter the field of UAV mapping after 20 years working in high-tech. Rami has vast experience in business development and international marketing, as well as a proven record of infiltrating markets for business purposes- shown in his last position as VP of business development in CooperGate Communications (bought by Sigma Designs).

Before then, Rami was a partner and CEO of Tiaris (bought by Octalica/Broadcom), who developed semiconductors for data communication and video solutions for smart homes.

Before founding Tiaris, Rami held several senior positions in leading high-tech companies including Metaling (MTLK), RiT Tech (RITT), and ImageID (bought by Zetes). In addition, Rami has vast experience in 3D printing from his previous work experience in Cubitel, a pioneer in the field.

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