Bernard Gattegno

Graduated with honors from Tel Aviv University with a degree in Geodesy and Cartography. Thirty years of project management experience in the mapping, surveying, and real estate field.

Geodetic supervision of hundreds of mapping and surveying projects, including land settlement in kibbutzim and moshavim. Consisting of ground mapping of estates, the establishment of historical borders, mediation and arbitration between the neighbors and solving boundary disputes, detailed plan preparation, and owner registration as shareholders for future generations.

Execution of dozens of projects dealing with plan registration and land settlement. Including plans for the registration of all Negev blocks from Beer-Sheva to Eilat.

Professional lecturer in seminars and conferences in various fields relevant to the company.

Arbitrator and mediator with a formal certificate. Managing proceedings in land disputes, both on behalf of the court and private clients. He is also a member of the team for regulation modification that deal with everything related to plan preparations.

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