Roni Nesher

Graduated from the Technion in 1994 with a in Geodetic Engineering. Roni is a certified surveyor since 1996 and joined Datamap in 2013.

Twenty years of experience in implementing and managing mapping and surveying projects. Eleven of those years between (2004 -2013) served  as director of real estate and GIS, chief surveyor and coordinator of expropriations and evacuations at NTA – project manager for the construction of the light railway in Metropolitan Dan.Experience in managing large-scale surveying projects, including a number of teams from various companies, including requirement characterization, requests for tender, performance management and quality control.Specialization in situational mapping in a crowded urban environment, including coordination and evacuation of underground infrastructures, seizure of trajectories, preparation of expropriation plans on land and underground. Coordination between the infrastructure elements, land owners and the various authorities.

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