National Roads Company of Israel (Netivey Israel)

National Roads Company of Israel (Netivey Israel)

RFT and quantity control for paving and road expansion including lane addition, bridge construction, agricultural conveyors, waterways, retaining walls and other road structures, tunnel excavation, level separation between the railway and road. The work is done under active and busy conditions. The process included verification of contract documents, general specification, detailed specification, the plans, details and quantity report. The project included a comparison of the planned calculations and the creation of a comparison chart as well as coordination meetings with the consultants to reduce any gaps. The project enables as well as prior to the RFT , testing during the execution stage and final examination. As of now, Datamap inspected dozens of projects totaling more than 2 billion NIS including: Highway 1 expansion RFT, Netanya section of Highway 2 , Beit Yanai, Ad Halom incerchange, Ra’anana North interchange, Ra’anana intersection of Road 531, Morasha interchange , Road 70 Fordis interchange, 423 road Nes Tziona bypass , Road 76 Yishai-Nahalal junction.

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