Road 431 – Quantity Control

Road 431 - Quantity Control

Road 431 connects between Rishon LeZion and Modi’in. Datamap Group accompanied the concessionaire in all matters relating to contract review, quantity control and account approval including: regulating contracts signed by subcontractors, examination of the completeness and compatibility of RFT documents, quantity requirements & reports, account regulation and quantity approval.
Datamap aided in submitting claims and responding to counter claims from the subcontractors. The project included a 20 km route having 2+ lanes and a variable number of routes. 7 complex interchanges including a three-way interchange at the Ein Hakore Junction. 70 bridges of various types and technologies, segmented bridges, pre-tensioned bridges, box bridges and more. 50 km of service road and 100 km of agricultural roads. The scope of the project amounted to more than 500 million NIS.

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