The City of Harish

The City of Harish

This is a development of a new city initiated by the Haifa Ministry of Construction and Housing. A committee was founded for planning and building the city (similar to the local and district committee). Modiin and Carmiel were also developed in the same manner. The services include oversight of all stages of the project, from the initiation stage until implementation, and plan registration. The area includes privately owned land and therefore the detailed plans were done without the owner’s consent.
Measurements were done ahead of time for all the various plans (city building plans, detailed and registration plans). Border construction was also done from the beginning of the project at the registration level taking into consideration the MAPI approvals required, reducing the time between the validation and registration.
The height establishment was done at the 1E level, i.e., satellite measurements for 8 hours per cycle, two cycles at different days & times of when the GPS satellites rise, and the use of the waveform model attaching to high-order government elevation points.

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