Oversight of Master Plan Preparation for the Ministry of Interior

Oversight of Master Plan Preparation

Datamap serves as a mapping, surveying and GIS consultant for master plan projects for the Ministry of Interior. The company has many years of experience in projects including converting data from the Ministry of Interior into a common language, receiving input and topographic mapping of all visible details including buildings, roads, fences, walls, trenches, pillars, trees, elevation lines and characteristic elevation of the topography and details. Uploading current parcel and block layers and creating a statutory compilation layer of the current and future state. Presenting statistical and socioeconomic data collected during the project by the consultants and providing data and program support. The next stage was the conversion of the project, including all the consultants’ drawings, to the Ministry of Interior’s system. Datamap participated in various projects including Nazareth, Bnei Brak, Yokneam, Netanya, Hurfeish, Elad, Ein El Assad, Lod, Gush Halav, Fassuta, Jat Yanuh, Ar’ara, Rekhasim, Shoham and more.

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