Regularization of Borders in Kibbutim and Moshavim

Regularization of Borders in Kibbutim and Moshavim

For several years, Datamap has been accompanying over 90 kibbutim and moshavim towards signing capitalized lease agreements in accordance with council decision 1591 (moshavim) and 1592 (kibbutzim).
In moshavim the work includes preparation of registration plans for border modifications prior to sending members to the ILA for signing capitalized lease agreements. Seldom, border modification only requires a new plan registration, sometimes a distribution table is required and sometimes a new city building plan is required.
In moshavim, the comprehensive work is done including the preparation of a city building plan for the entire settlement, border regulation between settlements, alterations to the yellow line of the residential plot according to exemptional uses (to make sure they are included within the residential plot) and adding the possibility of building a third unit in the estate. After that a registration plan is prepared and registered. This process creates a private plot for the owner without invasion from neighbors and the possibility of receiving a capitalized lease from the ILA.
In Kibbutzim parcellation is carried out (after a distribution plan for the residential plot or city building plan is made) enabling the allocation of apartments to kibbutz members and receiving a direct lease contract from the ILA.

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